San Francisco musician Goh Nakamura (playing himself) is barely scraping by playing live gigs and teaching guitar. So when a filmmaker friend asks him to teach guitar lessons to TV star Danny Turner (Chadd Stoops) for his upcoming movie role, Goh jumps at the chance. While on tour together, things get complicated when Goh's high school flame Rachel (Lynn Chen) shows up. Watch on Apple Trailers »

A prequel to the upcoming film "Surrogate Valentine".
Photographed and Directed by Richard Wong. Produced by Seng Chen. Girl played by Theresa Navarro.

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Goh Nakamura - Actor / co-Writer SURROGATE VALENTINE

"I met Dave Boyle at a film festival in the spring of 2009. We hit it off immediately, and by winter, we had made plans to work together on a feature length film. With the help of his friend Joel Clark, we composed a script over email and instant messages, relaying stories about keeping a dream alive, the roads you take, and the people you meet along the way. The movie is called 'Surrogate Valentine'. Hope you can see it."  - Goh

Goh Nakamura is a San Francisco Bay Area based musician who writes ditties about parking tickets, impossible crushes and faraway dreamlands. A fortuitous 2007 feature on YouTube's front page brought his music videos over a million views and earned him a huge new fanbase from all over the world.

Goh's talents have also found a home in the film industry. Goh's vocals and guitar work are featured prominently on the scores to Ridley Scott films A Good Year and, most recently, American Gangster. His song "Daylight Savings" is included on the soundtrack to the Robert Benton film Feast of Love, starring Morgan Freeman and Greg Kinnear.

Following a March 2008 re-issue of his first album, Daylight Savings, Goh released his new album, Ulysses, in August 2008. For more about Goh, visit

Dave Boyle - Director / Editor / co-Writer SURROGATE VALENTINE

"I met Goh Nakamura for the first time at a bar. He ordered a beer, I ordered a chocolate cake. He still makes fun of me for that. We traded lots of funny stories about life on the road -- him as a musician, me as filmmaker -- and a lot of them found their way into our film, 'Surrogate Valentine'. It's funny, but a little bit sad too. Kind of like Goh's songs. I hope you enjoy it."  - Dave

Dave Boyle made his feature film debut in 2006 with the bilingual comedy BIG DREAMS LITTLE TOKYO. Telling the story of wannabe-Japanese businessman Boyd Wilson (played by Boyle) and his sumo wrestler pal, the film won accolades for its deft portrayal of culture in an increasingly global world. Upon release on DVD, the film was hailed by Home Media Magazine as "brazenly original and intelligent."

In 2007, Boyle co-founded Tiger Industry Films with Michael Lerman. Boyle served as Executive Producer on Lerman's 2008 directorial debut (with co-directors Alex and Paul Cannon) "Natural Causes," which premiered at SXSW 2008.

Boyle's second feature WHITE ON RICE was released theatrically in 2009 via Variance Films. Starring Hiroshi Watanabe as a lovestruck recent divorcee, the film was described by the San Francisco Chronicle's Jeff Yang as "a cinematic milestone." The film subsequently premiered in Japan in 2010 to critical acclaim. It is now available to watch on Hulu and Netflix Watch Instantly.

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